Alura Dining

One of the greatest feelings in life is being able to share a well-cooked meal with friends and loved ones. Alura Dining brings residents exceptional meals that will add to the luxury senior living experience. Our culinary staff will welcome you to our dining halls with a smile and excellent service. We offer a wide variety of dishes on the menu while featuring local and international choices, all prepared by award-winning chefs.

Our mission at Alura is to bring residents a personalized dining plan with many options to choose from that are all delicious and meet their nutritional needs. We have this mission because we treat our residents like family and show that we care. This allows us to not only create a welcoming atmosphere for residents but their friends and families as well so they know that everyone is welcome at Alura.

Duran Dining

Dining Made Just For You

At Alura Senior Living, located a few miles from Viera, FL, in Rockledge, FL, our meals are made with nutrition in mind and are planned with certified dietitians to make sure residents stay healthy and well-fed. Our culinary experts work with residents and their families to create a balanced diet geared specifically for them.

Our dining areas are open to residents as well as their friends and family. We also provide in-home meal service, private dining, and catering for large events. 

All-Day Dining

At Alura Senior Living, our mission is to offer residents meals that are both delicious and nutritious. Our All-Day Dining menu lets residents dine as they please on their own schedule. Our menu features fresh salads, sandwiches, soups, quality meats, heart-healthy legumes, grains, and many more dishes that residents are sure to love!

Anytime throughout the day, our chefs are working around the clock to bring residents incredible dishes. With the All-Day Dining Plan, you’re sure to find a lively environment for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!

Award-Winning Chefs

At Alura Senior Living, our residents eat delicious, nutritious meals for every meal of the day. We are proud of the quality of our ingredients, the freshness of our produce, and the wide selection available on our expanding menu. 

Savory dishes from comfort food to local and international favorites are cooked right here by our very own professional chefs. If you require special dietary needs such as food allergies, our staff are happy to help you with your dining conditions. Many residents also enjoy our All-Day Dining Plan which allows them to eat at their own pace and on their own time. 

We understand the importance of good foods for improving our residents’ lifestyles. Good meals with good people bring us together, which is why our residents will always get three meals every day. Along with our dining, we have bistros that provide snacks throughout the day. At Alura, we take senior nutrition very seriously. That is why we make sure our meals not only taste delicious but also support a resident’s health and well-being.

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