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Keeping an Active Senior Living Lifestyle in Rockledge, FL

What’s the secret to a long and healthy life? Getting and staying active! Physical activity has proven to play a role in lengthening life expectancy as it provides health benefits such as lowering blood pressure, improved flexibility, and slowing weight gain. It’s essential to be active throughout your life to reap the health benefits, especially as you age. There are many fun ways to combine an active lifestyle with relaxing senior living. Get your heart pumping and bring physical activity into your daily life. And don’t worry; you won’t have to spend your days in the gym walking on a treadmill or lifting weights if you don’t want to. There are ways to stay active with beautiful scenery, with friends and family, and with a little bit of adventure included.

Ease Into It

Pushing yourself too hard into an active lifestyle is not beneficial for anybody. But if you aren’t used to being active or haven’t been in some time, it’s a good idea to ease into it. Start by introducing easier activities, such as walking, before moving into more physically demanding activities. Alura Senior Living in Rockledge, Florida has walking paths right in the community. Taking it slow for the first few weeks will help you prevent injury and increase movement over time, so the more physically demanding activities won’t be such a strain. You can even start for a few minutes a day and work up to thirty, forty, or even sixty minutes of daily activity. If any activity is difficult at first, don’t let it discourage you. Starting a more active lifestyle can be a challenge. But with continued activity, it will get easier with time.

Do It Daily

Some effort every day is the best way to see results and reap the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. If you’re easing into it, a few minutes a day is the best way to increase your activity level. And if you are already active, daily activity will help you maintain an active lifestyle. At Alura Senor Living in Rockledge, Florida, staff can help you find the activities that will keep you active and healthy. Try to devote at least thirty minutes every day to being active. But it doesn’t have to be thirty straight minutes or one activity. You can do a ten-minute walk, ten minutes of yoga, and a ten-minute bike ride. Or do any combination of activities to reach the total thirty-minute mark.

Set Activity Goals

Goals will help you always work towards something and be more motivated. Set short- and long-term goals to help keep you active. Short-term goals can be things you can accomplish within a week or two, like being active every day, committing to biking, or walking around the block. Long-term goals are what you work to within a few weeks or months. That may be like running in a marathon, reaching the top of a rock climbing wall, or trying a difficult hiking trail.

Bring a Friend

Being active is always more fun when you have a friend to do it with. Bring a friend as you walk around the block or go for a bike ride. Try group fitness classes or join an activity group that goes out weekly. Having a friend or a group of friends along for your activity will also help you stay committed and stay on track. They can keep you accountable and encourage you if you’re ever feeling down. Friends can even provide a little competition as you see who can reach their goals every day.

Try New Activities

A daily routine can easily become monotonous. And when you get too used to doing something, it can quickly become boring and unchallenging, which can ultimately lead to you slacking off or skipping days. Since it’s important to stay active every day, it’s essential to keep your routine fresh. You don’t have to do the same activity every day. You might have a go-to activity like walking or swimming, but you can also add fitness classes, kayaking, or other interesting activities to help switch up your routine. The variety will help prevent boredom and burnout and also give you something different to look forward to every couple of days.

Find Indoor Activities Too

You can’t always count on beautiful weather and outdoor activities, especially in Florida where rain is common. That’s why it’s important to have a few indoor activities that can keep you moving too. Have activities you can do indoors like yoga or workout videos. These are also great for days you may not feel like going out and about but want to maintain your activity level. Group fitness classes, indoor swimming, and indoor rock climbing are other good ways to stay active inside if you’re still looking to work out. Don’t let bad weather or wanting to stay inside be an excuse for not being active.

Track Your Progress

One of the best parts of being active is seeing how far you’ve come from where you started. Keep track of your progress on a fitness tracker or on a calendar. You can track how many days you’ve been working out, how many steps you take, your hours of activity, your weight, how much you can lift, and many more metrics. Whether you’re working towards a larger overall goal or just want to take note of how far you’ve come, tracking your progress will allow you to see an improvement. That improvement can also be a motivating factor to keep improving and stay active in the future.

Active Senior Living in Rockledge, Florida

With beautiful weather and tons of adventure, Rockledge, Florida is the perfect place to maintain an active lifestyle. Whether you’re getting out on the water or walking around the vibrant communities, staying active should be a top priority throughout your life. With plenty of activities, active senior living can mean different things to different people. And, keeping your goals in mind, being active can be completely customizable. As long as you’re up and active for at least thirty minutes a day, you’ll reap the health benefits of an active lifestyle. Spend your best years in a vibrant, active senior living community. Learn more about luxury senior living in Rockledge, Florida and schedule a tour with Alura Senior Living today!

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