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The Benefits of Independent Living for Seniors

Senior living is an excellent option when you have an older loved one. The senior living industry makes up a nearly $92 billion market. It’s a thriving business that provides plenty of care to people during their retirement years. These businesses house retirees from all walks of life and provide a variety of services. So, what are the benefits of independent living? Keep reading to learn why your loved one will be in good hands in an independent living community.

Your Loved Ones Are Safe

It’s easy to think worst case scenarios when you have a dear older loved one who lives alone. The harsh reality is that your worry is valid since older people are more likely to hurt themselves or endure other dangers when they live by themselves. Approximately 36 million older people in the United States suffer a fall each year. This results in over 32,000 fatalities. When your loved one is under the care of independent living in Rockledge FL, you won’t have to keep yourself up at night worrying about their well-being. They have security, nurses, and attendants on call around the clock to make sure that they’re fine. There are communication tools they can use to make requests and get help with any needs. Having them in this sort of situation gives the entire family some peace of mind.

Independent Living Gives Them a Social Life

Everyone needs a social life to help with their sense of belonging and purpose. It’s no different once you reach your golden years. One of the benefits of independent living is that your loved one will immediately have plenty of neighbors and friends that they can spend time with. They’ll get to participate in plenty of fun activities with their peer group. Independent living communities often have social event calendars that are packed throughout the year, so that there is never a shortage of things for them to get involved in.

Some social activities that you can expect include:

  • Bingo nights
  • Games of checkers, shuffleboard, cards, and chess
  • Pet visits
  • Movie night
  • Arts and crafts
  • Music lessons
  • Social time at the koi pond

Having a social life adds value to these years and can be the most enjoyable stage yet. It’s likely that your loved one hasn’t lived around this many like-minded peers their age since college or the military. They get to reconjure the feeling of hanging out with friends in the dorms as they fill their retirement days with plenty of bonding experiences.

There Are Plenty of Amenities

These facilities also tend to have plenty of luxurious amenities that people can use. They generally have lush outdoor relaxation areas, entertainment rooms, pools, tennis courts, and other such amenities. There’s an independent living facility for every price range, and they all offer their own unique style and appeal. Your loved one will take pride in their living arrangement and all that it has to offer.

Some amenities you can enjoy include:

  • Walking paths
  • Multi-purpose theatre room
  • An abundance of dining options
  • Spa and salon with massage therapy
  • Concierge services and Wi-FI

Tenants can also take advantage of housekeeping services. These amenities mean that there’s never a shortage of options and services that tenants can take advantage of to make their lives easier and enjoyable.

Meals and Board Are Taken Care Of

Your elderly loved ones will also have no problem getting plenty of healthy, nutritious food when they live in these communities. All of their meals are taken care of for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They often have access to chefs who set the menus both for taste and nutritional value. You won’t have to worry about whether or not your loved one got a good meal for the night, and they will be able to branch out and expand their palate with different meals. They’ll also have their own living space to keep and decorate to their liking. Independent living communities are the best of both worlds since they provide care and oversight while still giving everyone the autonomy of their own living arrangement.

It Encourages Learning

Your loved one will be a lifelong learner when they live in an independent community. With so many new and different activities available and things to learn, your loved one will keep developing new interests. This is good not just for improved quality of life, but it’s also great for brain health. It holds back cognitive decline, which is incredibly important in the elderly years.

Physical Fitness is Encouraged

Finally, you will feel comfortable with your loved one living in one of these communities because they’ll have lots of physical fitness options. These facilities typically have gyms and plenty of outdoor recreation. They’ll be able to take workout classes every day and can compete in sports and activities against others. These activities will help your loved one stay fit and healthy, which improves mood and lowers the risk of health problems.

Independent Living at Its Finest

Independent living is a gift for your loved one at a time they need it the most. The best thing that you can do for a loved one is find a high-quality independent living arrangement that they can call their next home. Alura Senior Living would love to provide your family member with the care that they need and deserve as they enjoy their golden years. If you have questions, contact us online or call (321)549-3980 for more information.

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